Matching Supply and Demand Essay

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Chapter 3: Process analysis Comfy Shoes Inc Comfy Shoes Inc builds shoes tailored to meet each individual customer’s needs. Customers who visit the downtown offices of Comfy Shoes in Philadelphia can choose one or more of the following four custom-tailoring services. Customers receive their shoes in the mail within a week of their initial visit. |Service |Description |Time |Resource used | |A. Walking Basics |Take measurements for basic walking shoes. |12 min. |1 attendant | |B. Walking Plus |Choose specific design (e.g. material, color |12 min. |1 attendant | | |selection) | | | |C. Running Basics |Take measurements for tailor-made running shoes |10 min. |1 attendant | |D. Running Adv |Consult physical therapist and obtain precise needs |40 min. |1 attendant | | |for running shoes. Also choose specific design. | | | The company offers the following packages to their customers: 1. Package 1: Includes only Walking Basics (Service A) 2. Package 2: Includes Walking Basics and Walking Plus (Services A and B). 3. Package 3: Walking Basics, Walking Plus and Running Basics (Services A, B and C). 4. Package 4: All four services (A, B, C, and D) Customers of Comfy Shoes visit the store at a constant rate (you can ignore any effects of variability) of 20 customers per day. Of these customers, 45% buy Package 1, 10% buy Package 2, 20% buy Package 3 and 25% buy Package 4. The mix does not change

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