Mat540 Homework Week 1 Essay

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Homework week one answers chapter 1: q2: 2/2 q4: 1/1 q12: 1/1 q14: 0/1 Q14. Use the formula for the break even volume. In order to obtain the effect, we need to work on Q13 first, because it asks for the effect on the break-even point in Q13 q20: 0.5/2.5 Q20(a) use the formula for the break even volume v = cf/(p –cv) where cf is the fixed cost, p = price, and cv = variable cost. In this problem cf = 7500, v = 14000, p = unknown that is what we need to determine), cv = 0.35. Plug in these numbers in the above formula and solve for p. Q20(c) is subjective and you come up with a reasonable price based on your answer in (a) q22: 1/2.5 Q22. (b) and (c) use the formula for profit = Total revenue – Total cost Compare the two profits in (b) and (c) and decide what is better. total chapter 1: 5.5/10 chapter 11; q18: 1/2 Question 18(b) the variance is not computed correct. The variance is 1.16. use the formula for computing the variance of a discrete distribution: sum of (x - mean)^2*p(x) subtract the mean from each score, square the result, and then multiply by the corresponding probability. Add these values and that will give you the variance. Or square each value and multiply the corresponding probability. Add these results and then subtract the square of the mean (expected value) from the sum and you will get the same answer. q20: 2/2 q26: 2/2 q28: 2/2 q30:

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