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Abstract Dr. Mark R. McMinn gives an excellent resource for the future counselors. He focuses on counseling sessions and life outside of counseling sessions. As a counselor it is important to use the Christian faith in counseling not focusing on the relationship between psychology and theology. There are many challenges in counseling when bringing religion into a session. The author focuses to the different characteristics of the client’s life situations. He suggests that Christian counseling strengthens three areas of a person’s life: sense of self, an awareness of human need and limitations, and confining interpersonal relationships with God and others. As counselors there will be many challenges that will be faced. There will not always be an answer but there are places to look for help. These are prayer, Scripture, sin, confession, forgiveness, and redemption. Prayer is a common use of healing for everyone. If they do not believe they still believe in this or talking with a higher power. Scripture can be used in sessions but is not always necessary because of the client’s beliefs. Scriptures then should be used in our daily lives as a counselor. Sin is a major cause for many problems in a person’s life, but it should be approached in a humane way to encourage healing other than shame. Confession causes one to recognize their sin and dependence on God for them to change. Forgiveness helps the client rebuild their relationships with self, others, and God. Redemption is the sole objective as a counselor. We must know ours before we try to redeem our clients of theirs. As a counselor we must understand that this will not always be an east task, we must use what has been learned and help put our clients in the right direction. Running head: 4-MAT REVIEW MCMINN Concrete Response As a child I went to church every Sunday

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