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Mixed revision Ex 10-02 4 point up point down 1 A drawing pin can fall with the point up or with the point down when dropped onto a table. Use 50 trials to determine the experimental probability of a drawing-pin falling: a point up b point down 2 A die is rolled. Find the following probabilities: a P(a number greater than 2) b P(an even number) c P(a prime number) 3 The numbers 1 to 30 are written on cards and the cards are placed in a bag. a If E is the event of selecting a multiple of 5, find P ( E ). b If E is the event of a number greater than 10, find: i P(E) ii P ( E ) Ex 10-03 Ex 10-01 Ex 10-02 4 The results for different numbers of trials of tossing a coin are shown in this table: Number of trials Number of heads…show more content…
ii Find the coordinates of the vertex. a y = x2 + 3 b y = x2 − 2 d y = −x2 + 1 -e y = 1 x2 + 4 2 c y = 2 − x2 f y = −2x2 − 5 Ex 11-07 Ex 11-02 21 Explain how the graph of y = x2 + 3 could be obtained from the graph of y = x2. 22 Write a brief description of the journey that this distance–time graph might represent. d 0 Ex 11-08 t 23 Draw the graph of the parabola y = x2 − 5x − 14 by first finding the x-intercepts and y-intercept. 24 For the parabola with the equations below, find: i the equation of the axis of symmetry ii the coordinates of the vertex a y = x2 + 3x + 2 b y = 3x − 2x2 c y = 10 − x2 b y = 5x − 2x2 d y = 2x2 − 5x + 2 25 Sketch each of the following: a y = 3x2 − x − 4 Ex 11-09 Ex 11-09 Ex 11-09 26 For each of the parabolas find: i the coordinates of the vertex ii the x-intercepts iii the y-intercept. Draw a neat sketch of the graph of each equation. a y = 4x2 − 12x + 9 b y = 3x2 − 14x − 5 27 Sketch each of the following exponential curves: a y = 3x b y = −6−x 28 In each of the following statements, decide which variable is independent and which variable is dependent: a the amount of fuel used by a car varies with the distance travelled b the diameter of a balloon decreases as the air leaks out c the more people that attend the dinner show, the cheaper the cost of a ticket d the warmer the air in a hot-air balloon, the higher it will go 29 Match each of these equations with one of the graphs below. a x = 2x2 − 2 e x+y=1 i y = 2x2

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