Mat 222 Week 1 Assignment Paper

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Math Proportions MAT 222 Week 1 Assignment Math Proportions After not being involved in performing math problems in a class setting, I thought the challenge ahead of me would be a tough. This week’s assignment presented us an opportunity to work with a statement determining the equalities of ratios across two different samplings of a bears captured and tagged by conservationists to determine an estimated bear population in Keweenaw Peninsula. Working with proportions of ratios is in our text on page 431 (Dugolpolski, 2012). Although in this case we were analyzing ratio statistics of the bear population or solving for y in a rational expression, it is evident that you could actually insert other ratios from real life situations…show more content…
My job actually deals with numbers all the time with the number of pilots, students, lesson plans, flying hours, time schedules, number of aircraft, etc. Currently I use spreadsheets and formulas, but now can do a quick analysis using some cross multiplication if needed. This assignment increased my ability to look at my work differently and will improve my quality. Math is in motion all around us in our day to day activities and benefits us whether working with the bear population or solving for y in a rational expression, it is clear we can apply the same formulas to succeed in real world situations. Performing an analysis of the data provided to determine the bear population through the method of tagging bears and a routine check over time was interesting. Also working with a rational expression to solve for y was a challenge, but fun to work. Even after 20 years since performing math problems like these, with time and practice it was easier to conquer the

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