Mat 221-Week 3 Discussion Essay

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I will use Cowling’s Rule to determine the dose for a child of a particular medicine. Cowling’s Rule is a FORMULA that converts an adult dose into a child’s dose using that child’s age. There are three variables in this LITERAL EQUATION a = child’s age The formula is d = D(a + 1) 24 D = adult dose d = child’s dose According to the chart I was assigned to calculate an 11-year old child's dose of Tamiflu given that the adult dose is 75mg. d = D(a + 1) The Cowling’s Rule formula 24 d = 75(11 + 1) I input the values for D and a 24 d = 75(12) Using the order of operations I added inside parentheses first. 24 d = 900 Using the order of operations the multiplication comes next. 24 d = 37.5 The division is the last step in solving for the child’s dose. The proper dose of Tamiflu for a 6-year-old child is 38mg. Next we need to determine a child's age based upon the dose of medicine they have been prescribed. The same literal equation will be used, however we are solving for another variable. The adult's dose is 1000mg and the child’s dose is 600mg. I need to SOLVE for a. d = D(a + 1) The Cowling’s Rule formula 24 600 = 1000(a + 1) I SUBSTITUTE the values for D and d 24 Using the same formula we will now solve a conditional equation to discover the child’s age. 600(24) = 1000(a + 1)(24) Both sides are multiplied by 24 to eliminate denominator. 24 14400 = 1000(a + 1) Multiplication is carried out. 14400 1000(a + 1) Divide both sides by 1000. 1000 1000 14.4= a + 1 14.4– 1 = a + 1 – 1 Subtract 1 from both sides to isolate a. 13.4= a We have solved for a. The correct dose of Tamiflu is 600mg for a thirteen-year-old

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