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Mat 126 Final Essay

  • Submitted by: Bpeterson
  • on September 17, 2011
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A Closer Look at Statistics and Surveys
MAT 126

A Closer Look at Statistics and Surveys
To be honest, I have never given too much thought to advertising, and the claims that are made about the products they are trying to sell.   That’s right--I was suckered into believing that three out of four dentists really did recommend chewing Trident gum, and that shopping at Wal-Mart saves sixty percent on your yearly grocery bill.   I was astonished when reading through this week’s assignment.   I was glued to the pages of the textbook, like a great novel that you just can not put down.   Not only did I read it, I called my mother and read it again, and then read it to my husband when he got home.   Admittedly, they apparently were not as naive as I, because they were slightly less interested, to my disappointment.   But I did not let their reaction dwindle my excitement.   I felt like a detective every time a commercial came on the television.   I would shush my husband during commercials, ignore the eye roll, and then tell him exactly why the add was deceiving.   Therefore, I do not think I will have much trouble with this week’s assignment; I have been unknowingly preparing for this paper all week.
The first claim I will dissect is the one we see and hear repeatedly for any and all weight loss products.   They all make fantastic claims about how they will change our lives, they are the answer to our prayers, and they are what we have all been looking for.   They say that we will shed pounds without even trying, changing our eating habits, or exercising a bit.   All we have to do is take a little pill, or drink a bottle of juice, or spend five minutes a week on a contraption, and the weight will just fall off.   Then, after we are so excited about the fit and trim new bodies we will surely have, we read in tiny print at the very bottom “results not typical.”   They just have to say that…right?…RIGHT?!   Wrong: as a matter of fact, I would say that “results not typical” could...

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