Masters in Psychology Essay

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The influence of media on children has been the subject of increased attention among parents, educators, and health care professionals. The significance of this issue becomes obvious when one notes the diversity of Americans who share this concern. Included in this group of concerned citizens are those, most notably politicians, who typically stand in opposition to one another on many issues, but who stand together in agreement on this one. Media influence on children has steadily increased as new and more sophisticated types of media have been developed and made available to the American public. Availability, as well as greater affordability for American families, has provided easier access to media for children. Beneficial effects include early readiness for learning, educational enrichment, opportunities to view or participate in discussions of social issues, exposure to the arts through music and performance, and entertainment. Harmful effects may result from exaggerated of violent behavior, exposure to subtle or explicit sexual content, promotion of unrealistic body images, presentation of poor health habits as desirable practices, and exposure to persuasive advertising targeting children. In the article, “Adolescent Sexuality and the Media: A Review of Current Knowledge and Implications”, really hit home. According to this article, adolescents look to the media for information regarding sex, violence, drugs, and AIDS. This article also states how important it is for proper supervision to occur when it comes to viewing certain television programs. With the input of the “V chip” (a screening software), it helps to monitor the use of inappropriate viewing material. (Gruber) Adolescents have access to sexual content that can range from pictures to videos. The temptation that television presents has teenagers’ eyes glued to watch it on an average of four hours a

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