Mastering the Plan Priceless

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Q1:Ans: Goals are the desired outcomes for individuals, groups or entire organizations. Goals are of two types basically: 1. Stated Goals: O fficial statements of what as organization says and what it wants its variousstakeholders to believe, its goals are. 2 . R eal Goals: Goals that an organization actually pursues, as defined by the actions of its members.Goals plays a vital role in planning, it is considered as source of inspiration, a motivation that weneed to make our company worth to Rs 1bn in 2020. In plans, documents that outline how goalsare going to be met including resource allocations, schedules and other necessary actions toaccomplish the goals. In the above case training event have been taken place and Rebecca Raycompany¶s Senior Vice President wants a effective plan to proceed with the training event.Here Rebecca Ray needs to proceed with ³R eal Goals´ as because they are actually going toconduct an intensive 4.5 hours seminar consisting on 110 workshops in 36 different cities over three week time frame:List of some goals which might be important for the above event:1. Smart goals2. Single use goalsQ2:Ans: There are 8 plans which are elaborated as under: 1. Strategic Plans: Plans that apply to entire organization, establish the organization¶s overall goals and seek to position the organization in terms of its environment 2 . Op erational Plans: Plans that specify the details of how the overall goals are to be achieved 3 . L ong-Term Plans: Plans with a time frame beyond three years 4 . Short-Term p lans: Plans covering one year or less 5 . S p ecific Plans: Plans that are clearly defined and that leave no room for interpretation 6 . D irectional Plans: Plans that are flexible and that set out general guidelines 7 . Single Use Plans: A one time plan specifically

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