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Mastering A Skill Essay

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Mastering a Skill
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A skill that virtually all people use everyday, which few people have but all can benefit from mastering, is communication. We use communication to let other individuals know our thoughts. Communication is also the way we let other people know that we understand them. Everyone communicates differently. A particular audience dictates what kind of communication needs to be used. Depending on the situation, if at work, home or just in the super market, different strategies for communicating will be used. There is good communication and there is poor communication.
Communicating effectively in the workplace with bosses and customers is an important part of being successful. The communication is informative. We each have certain situations at work that can make the job more difficult. Improving ones communication can make those situations less difficult. Poor or faulty communication causes the most problems; as a result poor communication leads to confusion and can cause a good idea or plan to fail. Poor communication with ones boss or customers can lead to a misunderstanding and can cost one to be denied a promotion or even worse be terminated from ones job. “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere.”
— Lee Iacocca

When I communicate with my boss, I must be clear and direct, my tone is formal to informal depending on the situation. In a situation where a colleague lost his job, poor communication was the main factor. There was a misunderstanding of information that the boss believed to be accurate, took that information and wrongfully terminated the employee. After the arbitration hearing was over the company had to pay the employee a year of back pay and reinstated his job. The arbitrator describes the boss as being grossly negligent and found it hard to believe that a person in a position as his would have such poor communication skills. In this scenario...

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