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Master Student Reflection According to the assessment result, I think I did not well in some categories. In some skills, my score was under 25 out of 32. I got a highest score in time management, 25 out of 32. I realized that time management was my strongest skill. My weakness was note taking and understanding information, both of them 17 and 19 out of 32. I am an international student, so these skills are new for me in particular way. Therefore, I should find some resources and study-skills that I can approach for listening skill in order to get a good note taking and understading information in class. The fact that English is not my native language poses some challenges academically which affects my understanding of information and my note taking skills. I have faced up to understand information difficultly in the college even if I used to have lots of experiences. My problem is still about my language barrier. Imformation sometimes comes to me not very fast, but my brain must have time to translate into my own language. So much information is coming at me that I will sometimes miss some imformation and I cannot absorb any more information. For this reason, it affects to my note taking and understanding information. Note taking is not only about writing all the information, but also it sumarizes the key points that the lecture is about. This is very different from college in my country. Becoming a successful student in college, I should use some requisite skills in order to improve my skills that are my weakness. For example, I should use devices for recording the entire lesson and then I can listen to that lesson again until I thoroughly understand. In addition, listening to the music and watching news or movies are good ways to improve my skills, especially listening. I actually do not catch all the words that are spoken by actors from movies, however I
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