Master of Persuasion Essay

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After the death of Caesar, both Brutus and Antony give a funeral speech for Caesar. Both are excellent orators, and both convince the crowds quite well. But, speaking from a personal point of view, Antony does a better job of convincing the roman people that, indeed, Caesar was killed unfairly. In the first full page, Antony starts to convince the crowd that Caesar was killed unfairly. The first line itself shows Antony’s persuasive power. It is in trochaic meter, and it is very attention grabbing, as the crowd immediately calms down. Antony reiterates Brutus’s opening, changing only a few words. The second line displays irony, as Antony is indeed here to praise Caesar. So here he is already proven lying and manipulative. By the 4th line, Antony has already hinted that some good has died with Caesar. On the 5th line, the meter change may hint at the fact that he is trying to shift to proving that Caesar was unfairly murdered. He then states …”the noble Brutus” and repeats this throughout the speech. He is causing the people to question if Brutus is noble or not. He then repeatedly says that Brutus is honorable, which is also a way of making the people doubt if Brutus is truly honorable. When Antony says “they all, all honorable men” the meter shows that he has scorn. He then starts to use pathos to appeal to the emotions, such as Caesar crying with the poor. Then Antony says “yet Brutus says he was ambitious/and sure he is a honorable man” Antony is literally calling him a liar. He goes on to say that Caesar rejected the crown 3 times. Most of his introduction was Antony trying to portray Caesar as a good ruler that did many things for Rome. He also tries prove Brutus wrong. Although Brutus claimed that he killed Caesar because of his desire for power, Antony will say that Caesar did everything he could for the Romans. He then reveals the will, and tempts the

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