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How important was the Haitian Revolution on the Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade? This essay will explore the importance of the Haitian Revolution on the Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Haitian Revolution was one of a few factors that were significant in the Abolition of the Slave Trade, the other large factors being, The Abolitionist movement, which mainly involved Thomas Clarkson, Granville Sharp and William Wilberforce, the changing economics of the trade and the Pro Slavery campaigns that kept the Slave Trade running. At midnight on the fourteenth of August, 1791 thousands of black slaves revolted against their French overseers on the Island of Saint Dominique in the West Indies. Slave rebellions were a constant fear on the plantations as there were many more black slaves than white overseers or slave masters. This meant that the whites used harsh discipline in an attempt to prevent any slave rebellions. There had been rebellions on many of the islands in the West Indies some were physical attacks on the slave masters but some were slow rebellions. Slaves would work much slower or break machinery to slow down the production of the sugar resulting in less money for that particular plantation. The vast majority of these revolutions were unsuccessful however the revolution that sparked in Saint Dominique was an exception. It was a much more brutal form of rebellion that resulted in a long war between the slaves and the French that occupied parts of the island. Within a month the rebellion had turned into a bloodbath with over one hundred thousands slaves killing roughly four thousands whites and burning one hundred and eighty sugar plantations and many coffee plantations. The rebellion was actually a result of the European affairs current to that time. The French Revolution began in seventeen eighty-nine as the French people were becoming tired

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