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BPM and Strategy Globalization challenges the traditional mode of business operation. Pete’s Dynatrix Pty Ltd has lost the competitive advantages due to the declining profit since 2009. That indicates several problems might exist in its processes, like inefficient production and internal communication ineffectively. Therefore, it is essential to carry out Business Process Management (BPM) because it is helpful to manage company in current fierce competition environment. BPM is the combination of scientific methods, advanced technologies and efficient processes to manage the business to obtain the strategic goals (Henrie 2007). Companies should carry out appropriate business strategies or plans in order to fulfill the goals. According to a number of studies, the more efficient strategic management, the more competitiveness the company could have (Salazar, Soto & Mosqueda 2012). In addition, process is the fundamental key component of operation to assist company to align with its plan and BPM highly connect with process, strategy and perspective. Importantly, BPM is not just a tool or software; it seems to be a governance of ‘blood circulation’ to ensure the company’s heart and whole body working well. Consequently, BPM can tell executives what should do, how to do it and whether it is doing well. In other words, BPM aims to ensure the process to be efficient, effective and aligned with strategies, which helps to achieve company’s goals. Dynatrix Pty Ltd could be benefited from the implement of BPM, because there are five main advantages: * Scientifically analytical evaluation. BPM apply SWOT analysis to compare the internal and external environment to indentify whether the strategies are fit Dynatrix’s resources. It can enhance strengths and amend weakness of company, and capture opportunities and avoid threats externally. * Reduce cost and

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