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This very screenshot explains it all; people are in living in dirt. People literally living like this and it makes me want to hurl. The very image of this poor child living like this, while we British people live in established housing and taking it for granted is terribly unfair. It accomplishes the Business’ goal of wanting to make us feel something and possibly donate to their source and help these children in need. This screenshot is of the Advert that WaterAid put of a young African boy named Jon, obviously you can tell it is the same boy they used in their website photograph. They picture this boy as looking very upset, thus pandering to people making they feel empathy for the small boy in dire need, it surely tugged at my heart strings. Throughout the video it states "They have no choice" then going on to say "We (the viewers) do have a choice" thus involving us and making us feel even more. WaterAid link us in to the advert in order for us to relate to these children in need, making us feel the need to donate to their cause. They tend to use children more often than adults because children are a lot easier for us to emphathize with. Jaguar F Type: I selected this specific screenshot of the webpage because this poster advert of the Jaguar F-Type stood out to me the most, especially with the kind of luxury that the car seems to be. The first thing I notice of the web page is the words "Your Turn", signifying as if this specific car is exclusively the buyers and all theirs, as they enjoy their product. The words "Your Turn" seem to have a lot more importance than above the rest, as their the largest typography on the page, and they have the brighest white colouring. The denotation meaning of the words "Your Turn" could literally mean it is your turn to by this car and you must buy it, tying into the connotation meaning of the words as it is exclusively

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