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[pic] Executive Summary The aim of this assignment is to highlight the importance of branding in B2B international marketing. We will discuss Huawei (Chinese vendor) as an example. This paper will try to bring out a concept i.e. Huawei, though is considered as an international or multinational company, but still its never been a first choice for engineer’s or manager’s to join and work for a company. The main reason for this is, Huawei fails in terms of changing its perception as of Chinese company or failed to evolve as a brand. In the beginning of the paper we will define Business to business/branding; later we will discuss importance of branding in service business especially in new telecom trend of manager service. Finally, we will discuss DU telecom current manage service project as an example. Business-to-Business Marketing Business to business marketing is all about meeting the needs of other businesses or a company, though ultimately the demand for the products made by these businesses is likely to be driven by consumers in their homes. Brand The American association defines a brand as a name, term, symbol or design or combination of these, brand normally conveys very important messages. A brand is a name, symbol, or logo used to identify and differentiate products in the marketplace (Aaker, 1991; Barwise et al., 1990; Keller, 1993). Dunn, Murphy, and Skelly (1986) suggest that branding is central [emphasis added] to marketing . Normally brand do following, • Delivers the message clearly • Confirms business credibility • Connects business target prospects emotionally • Motivates the buyer • Concretes User Loyalty Branding in B2B All above points are crucial to run business. Normally in B2B, however companies neglect to build strong brands or they consider it as a non-core or un-productive work. It

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