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27 September 2011 Master of Heists The lifestyle of the infamous John Dillinger included serving countless sentences in prison, robbing many banks and eventually being killed in public. He was born on June 22 1903 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was known as the “jackrabbit” and as “public enemy number one.” The first crime John Dillinger committed was robbing a grocery store; he shot at the owner but he missed. He got away but eventually the police ended up catching him. He pleaded guilty without an attorney and the court sentenced him to 10 to 20 years in prison. He was sent to Indiana State Reformatory in Pendleton. Soon after being set free he found himself in prison. He was sent to Lima, Ohio for masterminding an escape for his fellow prison mates. A few months into to his incarceration John Dillinger was set free by the same guys that he helped escape. Dillinger again gets caught in Arizona for shooting and killing Officer William Patrick O'Malley. While he awaited his trial he was placed in Crown Point prison in Crown Point, Indiana, build to be escape proof. Dillinger escaped that prison without breaking a sweat or letting out one gunshot. John Dillinger took command of the heavily armed jail, using a toy gun built from the top of a wooden washboard and painted with black shoe polish. In the process he locked up 33 people, including the warden and twelve deputies. Dillinger embarrassed the town, as well as 42 year old Holley, by driving off in her brand new V-8 Ford. That would be the last time John Dillinger would be inside a prison. John Dillinger learned everything there was about robbing banks in prison. When the Dillinger gang would do a job they would not hurt any civilians or steal from civilians either just the banks. For three months the gang went on a crime spree of several bank robberies in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. He decided to rob the

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