Massage Therapy Essay

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Massage Therapist Rehab Career: Massage Therapist 2/20/2013 Victoria James Mrs. Cassell Rehab Careers 2nd period Massage Therapist Massage therapists devise the soft-tissues of the body by using touch. The touch therapy reduces pain, aid in general wellness, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and rehabilitate injuries. Duties of a masseuse are countless they must interact with clients about symptoms, medical history, and desired results. They also have to evaluate patents to locate harmful or tense spots of the body. In addition, massage therapist use treatment to the muscles or other soft tissues to relieve stress build up. Some patents are guided to enhance their flexibility, posture, core strength, and inclusive relaxation. A typical massage day includes a secession that can last as short as five to ten minutes or as long as an hour or more. For a massage the masseuse usually uses their hands, but they may use fingers, elbows, forearms, and rarely their feet. Using these tools helps the therapist key in on specific sore regions on the body. The therapist targets knots and tissues pain to relieve the pressure swelling. In some treatments the masseuse may use lotions or oils to improve the skin and to work deep in the muscles. However, they are not legally authorized to proscribe any type of medications. They are also not licensed to reline the spine such as a chiropractor, their limitations disinclines this practice. To become a massage therapist there are certain trainings and school programs that must be passed. However, every state has its own training standards and requirements. Most education programs are typically found in any institutions and require 500 or more hours of study to complete. For usual admission a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, such as a GED are required. Massage therapy covers a wide range of programs which

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