Massacres Essay

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Massacres Senseless, Sadness & Assassination!! Today on Australia day 26th January 2012 we celebrate Australia day. A day of celebration and national pride for many Aboriginals. This is invasion day mourning the thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation of Australia were suddenly interrupted on 26th January 1788 when eleven British sailing ships entered Sydney Harbour.Do you remember the brutality which took place on our coast? Do you know that thousands of the native land owners were wrongly killed? The Aboriginal people went through a great amount of hardship at the time of colonisation. There were many massacres in the 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s, the Myall Creek Massacre is one of the most well known massacres, it is well known because the perpetrators actually faced prosecution and this was an unusual case at that time. How many times do we go through these events and remember those unfortunate people who were unfairly assassinated? This article is a mark of respect to all those who died during the Aboriginal Massacres. | British settlers attacking the Aborigines and taking over their land in the early 1830’s | The arrival of the British people, James Cook and the first fleet last week marked the beginning of the new system and the end of the prehistoric traditions.Soon after settlement Governor Arthur Phillip ordered his men to shoot at the Aboriginal people in Botany Bay as conflict and collides were becoming common. Governor Arthur Phillip quoted “Keep them out of sight” in indication to the Aboriginal people and settlements around Sydney. Aboriginal blood became irrelevant; day after day members of the European army were killing Aboriginal tribes. The Aboriginal people were fearful; white people had attacked their peaceful land and had begun to attack them. Aboriginal people used spears and made weapons to fight back. | | Although this

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