Massachusetts vs. Virginia

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Out of all the colonies that were under the British control Massachusetts and Virginia was one of the most known colonies. The economic development of Massachusetts and Virginia had many differences and similarities. Each colony was settled by the same type of people but they were settled different, they had different religious views, but also had different reasons of the economic ways but also had similarities. The settlement of Virginia and Massachusetts were both established around the same time, but the ways they were established were far huger. While Virginia had many errors, Massachusetts was successful. The Virginia Company had many failures, as Massachusetts had their planning’s right doing their first settlement a success. Massachusetts had a great leader named John Winthrop who successfully developed the settlement, which was not the same for Virginia; they did not have a good leader until John Smith came. Since the people living in the Virginia became dependent on the natives they never prospered on their own, and on the other hand the people living in Massachusetts were hard workers. Not just the way they were settled made them different but also how their religious ways shaped them up. Virginia and Massachusetts both knew they had to have a strong economic settlement but their religious view also had a great impact that resulted differently in both systems. The Puritans which lived in Massachusetts; they believed that there was no need for excessive profits. Another problem Virginia had was that from the start they had problems with the Native Americans. Which was the complete opposite in the Massachusetts case because they learned it would be better if they got along with the natives. Although they were different the two economic systems were still successful in their own ways but also had
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