Mass Media in the Usa Essay

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NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE STATE BORDER GUARD SERVICE OF UKRAINE NAMED AFTER BOHDAN KHMELNYTSKYI TRANSLATION DEPARTMENT COURSE PAPER MASS MEDIA IN THE USA NOW Contents Introduction 3 Chapter 1. The outline of mass media in general terms 5 1.1. Definition of mass media 5 1.2. History of American mass media 6 Chapter 2. Major types of media in America………………………………...20 2.1. US Television. 20 2.2. Journalism and public relations 22 2.3. American newspapers. 23 2.4. Internet 26 Chapter 3. Purposes and characteristics of mass media in America………..28 Conclusion 34 References 35 Appendices 36 Introduction «It’s revolutionary how much us a modern day people not only rely on instant information, but how it has transformed us as a society.» David Bohm, Scientist Mass Media in the USA has developed quite rapidly and decisively. Influential people knew how to use this and benefit from it. But we all know about «stop-go» cycles. In recent years, it is becoming increasingly apparent. The American media has been plagued with all sorts of problems including, sliding profits, scandals about manipulation, plagiarism, propaganda, lower audiences, “dumping down”, and so on. Media omissions, distortion, inaccuracy and bias in the US is something acknowledged by many outside the USA, and is slowly realized more and more inside the US. However, those problems have made it very difficult for the

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