Mass Media: Does It Numb or Expand Your Mind? Essay

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Mass Media: Does it Numb or Expand your mind? To live in the modern world is impossible without expanding your knowledge in all spheres. Getting information is one of daily necessities of a human being. The main source of information for millions of people is mass media. Mass media includes newspapers and magazines, advertising and radio, and, of course, television. They influence the way people look at the world and make them change their views. But being either a reader, or a viewer, one should be critical towards the perceiving information. Some facts about the surrounding world tend to be intrinsically newsworthy while other – give a partial or distorted picture of the world. In order to reduce this falsehood reporters should have some definite yardsticks to measure the news with. I’m convinced that every programme should increase general knowledge and develop wide-ranging tastes. Today it’s more likely for the majority of people just switch on a TV set to have something in the background. It seems that they have no idea about the existing of a plethora of programmes which can expand our minds and open windows on distant worlds. Being a role model for their children adults make them addicted to the TV as well. But if parents watch intellectual programmes children will follow them and benefit from these programmes. There are a plethora of them varying from documentaries, current events and sports programmes to films, dramas and entertainment programmes, so everybody can chose one to his own liking. Besides, the television provides great opportunities for education. With the help of the TV it is possible to learn foreign languages, to get known a lot about wonderful things concerning the world flora and fauna. Mass media has become an integral part of our life. Nowadays people are united into one global community with the help of mass media. Of course it may

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