Mass Media and Its Effects on Our Children

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Mass Media and the effects it has on our children now and in the future The mass media plays a huge part in the world today on our children and adults. When violence is marketed to children such as tv, movies, shows, internet, and video games there is nothing about that harmless. It is a shame what this world has come to and what people will do for money. Everything our children hear and see in the media early in their lives effects them in one way or another. The younger the children are when they are watching this violence the more vulnerable they are and absorb everything rather it be right or wrong. This is also the time when a child is shaping mentally, morally, and emotional. Physiologists have done timeless amounts of research on the subject and warn parents to monitor what our children are watching and have a time limit to how much violence we allow them to watch in our homes. Aimee Tomkins states in the Psychological effects of violent media on children “Over sixty percent of television shows being shown in prime time contain some form of violence”. That is a big percentage of violence that our younger generation are seeing and storing. Companies that are making violent movies and violent games of course claim there is no harm being done while others argue violence promotes violence. Researchers say children who watch violent movies have a lack of remorse, desensitizes them to violence, angry outbursts. Filmmakers and directors are saying the reason for the violence in movies today are due to real life experiences that are going on in the world today. The increase in technology is another reason for the rising of violent movies special effects now makes things seem so real like a real blood scene or shooting basically any of kind of murder or violence. Recent surveys show that children are beginning to react the same way about real life violence and
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