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Written Task 2- Media and Mass Communication Leticia Lana Area 3 in Language and Literature Course: Mass Media and Communication English: Language and Literature Higher Level Question 4: How Could Two Different Readers Interpret the Text? Outline: * Answer the focus question: How could two different readers interpret the text? * View the text by the point of view of an American Citizen * View the text from the point of view of a Colombian Citizen * Reflect on the situation on how the article gives no solution to the problem * How some families think its normal to have guns and how other families don’t find this very appealing According to People Magazine and other reliable sources, the beginning of the year 2015 gave some tragic news around the world. The murder of a young boy age 16, who was shot several times by his 15 and 11 year old sisters. The reasons for this happening is unclear, regarding how the reasons given from the two young girls were simply because they had a bad relationship with their brother. Their parents where not home at the time of the incident and the confession was made from the two girls when they where found walking along a road late at night by two police officers. After the investigation was made, there was a report on how the girls and also the boy lived in a home of neglect, sexual abuse and incest. If we view this situation from the point of view of another person from a different nationality or culture, the reaction is absurd. Guns should only be handled by people with a license and with the occupation that permits the use of guns, in most countries and cities outside of the US, people don’t use guns as self defense and affording and being able to have a gun in their own property is not easy and is not the same as how people are able to have access to guns in the US. For a more in depth

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