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Mass Communication Essay

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  • on November 21, 2013
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Mass Communication Essay
Gender Roles
A gender role is how males and females are viewed in society. For example, women typically are in charge of managing household chores such as laundry, dishes, and cooking. However, men usually do outside work involving heavy lifting, mowing the lawn, and fixing cars.   Gender roles are essential in society and differ in many ways in the home, school, and work place.
In the home, women typically keep the house up, running, and clean.   If the parents in a certain family decided to raise their children in a way that was different than normal society has taught, then household chores possibly would not even be completed. The woman’s role in the home environment has been relatively the same since the 1950s sitcoms. It has been noticed in those TV shows, such as I Love Lucy and Dennis the Menace. These shows portray the typical roles of a male and female in the home. Because chores such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking have been the standard chores for the female of the house for such a long period of time, changing these roles would be very difficult.
In an educational setting, are there generally more women or men?   Well, on average, there are typically more women in a school setting as educators than men.   Usually, men have jobs that are more masculine than being an educator, which is why women usually fill up the teaching spots as schools.   Also, women tend to be more sensitive to children which help the students come to them for advice.   If these traditional roles were discouraged in society, the education of our generation could possibly be dropped significantly because women would no longer want to be teachers.   Due to the few amount of men that teach in our society, there may not be enough educators to properly teach the students and provide them with the knowledge that they need to be successful in the real world.  
Males typically have more leadership qualities than women do.   Therefore, they are going to occupy...

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