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Nicole Simms March 27, 2011 Visual Media Media Conglomeration Exercise Part I: Many of us in today’s society are familiar with Media Conglomerations; this is when a large company owns many companies in mass media (Article world, 1991). This means large corporations own a large part of mass media. They own many different things in the media for example, TV, radio, film productions, etc. Literature on Media Conglomerations goes back to as far as the early 1920’s up until now. The same small companies that were head leaders in mass media back then have either been bought or merged together and are worth billions until this day. Examples of conglomeration and media ownership in today’s society would be what many of us know as “The Big Six” these are six of the top leading conglomerates. They include, General Electric, Walt Disney, News Corps, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS (Sliver)). These companies own many different corporations that we will name later on. The merging of these larger companies is harmful in today’s environment in many different ways. These companies put a limit on what society can watch, see, and buy. Reason being these companies buy these smaller franchises’ and create this Mass production multibillionaire companies, this limits us to the same few things and blocks a lot of media’s sockets and creativity. We start to see and become accustomed to the same things over and over again. It’s like the phones we buy are the same phone but a different color, or the cars we buy the same model just different lights. Our world is slowly but surely shrinking because these companies buy other companies and it keeps us in the box and half of society is afraid to be creative and think for a change. One familiar merge that we are all familiar with is the AT&T and T-mobile buyout that went for 40 billion dollars. Many of us just look at the

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