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Dylan Bishop Nunnemaker English IV 27 February 2013 Mass communication is clarified as how us as human beings consume, and distribute information to others (Mass Communication). It was George Gerbner who developed the cultivation analysis, which explores the content that TV viewers’ believe, is how “Life” really is appeared by the heavy disclosure to stable, continuously, and spreading patterns that TV shows, in its intense programs (George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory). With all of that our youth everywhere is rapidly depending on our social network sites for their social interaction, which is preventing their development in their social life. The cultivation analysis is a part of a program that is forever being researched, called cultural indicators, that is behind a three topic research strategy. The very first strategy is “Institutional process analysis” what this procedure does is explores the pressures and limitations that will affect how the medias messages are made, and given out to the public. There is a second strategy that is called “message system analysis” what this strategy does is measures and tracks most shared and repeated images in TV content. The third and last strategy is called “Cultivation analysis”, which is the strategy that studies whether or not how TV provides to the viewers’ origins of social reality. This first cultivation study was more troubled with the TV violence, which it ultimately began to involve people’s religion, thoughts, and their sexual roles (Cultivation Theory and Media). The procedures and ideas the cultivation analysis contained were made to correct the “blind spots” that are in the mass communication study. These previous studies were observed at whether an individual message or types of genres would make several kinds of changes to the spectators’ attitudes and

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