What Is Mass Communication?

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Mass communication also known as communication to the masses is a type of communication where by a complex organisation with the aid with one or more mechanical devices produces and transmits messages to the public. The messages transmitted by these complex organisations are normally directed at large, heterogeneous and scattered audiences. Therefore making mass communication a complicated type of communication. Mass communication or any type of communication in that matter involves conceiving, encoding, transmitting by sender, and receiving and decoding by the receiver. There are many ways why mass communication is considered a complicated type of communication. One is conceiving the message which means to create the message. When conceiving the message, it usually requires a group or team of people that come together in order to cook up an idea or a message they want to project to the public. For example, when presented with a product like the newest pair of shoes from Nike, a team will come together and brainstorm on how to come up with an interesting advertisement to promote that particular pair of shoes. Or in another situation, Coke has come up with a different flavour of their product, they will present their product to a creative team and that team will work together to come up with various ways and possibilities to promote that new item from Coke. Next is encoding of the message which also means encrypting the message where the source goes through to convert thoughts and ideas in a way that can be understood or perceived by the audience. For example the sender may encode thoughts into words, song, and movie and so on for its receiver. In order to encode a message it usually has to go through various stages compared to interpersonal communication as well as machine assisted interpersonal communication. Take making a movie for instance, in order to
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