Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs The basic need is physical needs for survival consisting of “food”, “oxygen” and according to this Maslow model “sex” (Wood, 2013). I can agree with two out of three of these as being basic needs. I don’t believe sex is a basic need on the simple fact that this is supposed to be across the board for human needs. Across the board in different ages and stages sex isn’t a need in all of the age groups. The next area is safety and protection needs, in this model of the pyramid it simply puts it as “shelter” (Wood, 2013). There is more to safety and protection then just shelter. Safety and protection includes shelter, a mother protecting her children, the example on page 10 of a friend driving an intoxicated friend home. Belonging is the third section of the hierarchy, simply labeled with “inclusion” and “fun” (Wood, 2013). According to how it is explained on page 11, without a lot of constant human interaction, we fail to develop a concept of ourselves as humans. I think that we develop more of our sense of self from people that we most trust. Then we notice that we can change this concept from people that we have more recently met. Also from trying new things like the online chat that is mentioned in the reading. Self-esteem is the next category; this one also calls for a lot of input from everyone around you (Wood, 2013). According to Maslow, we need our parents, family, and friends to mold this area for us. This is a very dicey area to have solely molded in this way. If every child who is told by their family that they are bad or stupid only listened to their family (because this is who they are supposed to learn to trust first in their lives), then they would grow up with this horrible concept of themselves. People still have a sense of right and wrong, these people can still find ways to boost their self-esteem and

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