Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Week 1 Individual Work Assignment: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Wood, 2013, pp. 9-14) Student Name: Danielle Hall Part 1: Define and describe each stage of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Your discussion of each need should be approximately one paragraph in length. 1. Physiological needs for survival This level is Physical Needs. This is the most basic category. Some ways of communication is the tone we use. The louder we are the more likely people’s attention is focused more on us. It is a way for us to survive under extreme conditions and to let others know that something is wrong. Ways we use this survival is speaking out about our feelings and pains. This affects our ways to do our jobs to provide food, medical care, a place to live, and necessities. 2. Safely and protection needs This level is Safety needs. Some things that may be placed into this category are speaking to someone about housing conditions, speaking to some type of authority to help protect, and general safety procedures about basic living. Some steps we may take is to go online to do research about symptoms we may have, home remedies, how we can contact property managers, and to obtain ways to speak to the authorities if we feel our lives are in danger. We may ask ourselves, “is that food safe to eat, is my work area unsafe, how I can do my job better, is that sanitary enough for our children?” 3. Belonging needs This level is Social Needs. We all need each other to survive. Without social groups, we cannot function as a society. It is what makes us feel comfortable in our home, at our job, at church, etc. We all want to feel some sort of acceptance in the real world as well as giving acceptance to others. Without some sort of acceptance, we are left in the dark, and some often go into a dark area of their life that sometimes they cannot escape. 4. Self-esteem needs This

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