Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Over the years people have dealt with communication in a various number of ways. A man named Dr. Abraham Maslow has discovered five different communication needs that human being needs to thrive. Dr. Abraham Maslow was a professor psychology. The needs that he made up need to be worked on before anyone can handle the harder things (Wood, 2010). The five needs for an individual are physical needs, safety needs, belonging needs, self esteem needs and actualization needs. The first needs that a human need is physical. Physical needs are described as air, nourishment and gender (Wood, 2010). A person with physical needs will show their need by showing when they are in pain or they need something. One must stay healthy in order to make it possible to make it in life. Being healthy sets a good example to other as well as the person who has these habits. If a person is sick or hungry they will not want to associate with other people. They will not want to go to work or any other place that they have to go because they are not having this need met. Safety needs are a need to feel safe in the world. The person needs to feel like they are free from danger or threatening people. They need this to feel like they are fully developed and have freedom from these bad things. If a person does not have a home they feel like they are going against this need to be able to thrive. Having a home can make a person feel safe because they are away from the outside toxic wastes. Belonging needs are a need to feel loved and to have affection. A person needs to feel like someone cares and supports them. A belonging need is a need to feel like they are accepted at work or in social groups (Wood, 2010). People should not keep children or anyone away from the world because this can cause them to be detached from people and communication. Not having interaction and
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