Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Elizabeth Sabatino Everest University Abraham Maslow theorized that communication is necessary to satisfying our needs. He developed a hierarchy of these needs which can be portrayed in pyramid form based on complexity and importance. Physical and safety needs are the most basic and important in survival; belonging, self-esteem, and self actualization are more complex and less important needs (Wood, 2010). Nobody can survive without having their physical needs met. Physical needs are things like food, water, reproduction, and health in general. People must face human interaction around every turn to acquire these. A person must get and maintain a job to have money for food and medical insurance. This involves conversing with potential or actual employers, associates, and consumers. Safety needs are another simple, yet important piece of the pyramid. A person’s well-being is dependent upon safety and protection. Communicating is the key to obtaining security. For example, if a person were to be in a life threatening situation, they would need to call the appropriate authority or ask for help. In the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy is the need to belong in society. Being accepted by others is a necessary part of human interaction. Without relationships and socialization, a person could become severely mentally challenged or even arguably inhuman. This is proven by several sociologists and psychologists who have studied cases of extreme isolation. In one case documented by Kingsley Davis, a 12 year old boy was found after living in the wild with no human contact. He was named Peter in the hospital. Peter could not speak or emote anything. He posed on all fours and ate animals after ripping them apart. He was later pronounced as incapable of learning (Heer, 2005). Nearing the top of the pyramid, self-esteem needs are addressed. A

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