Masculinity in Things Fall Aprt Essay

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Essay As a man you are faced with many obstacles that must be overcome whether it be physically or emotionally you must be the only man you know how to be to overcome the situation. When a person might think masculinity they may assume it’s about being a “tuff guy” or a “Buff” or they could merely consider masculine in its true definition which is pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men. In Okonkwo’s case he was infatuated with masculinity from all aspects and strongly despised of being anything like his father. With that in mind you would believe that Okonkwo would over come his greatest fear not to be like what he had grown up and seen in his father and be a real man that he aspired to be…or not? The novel is about a very strong man's rise to great prestige, fortune and power which in the end were overshadowed by his foreseeable death. Okonkwo's demise was not because of colonization, but rather his downfall was attributed by his obsession with masculinity. Masculinity is a major trait in a man it could possibly make you the person you are or turn you into the exact person you don’t want to be. Okonkwo’s biggest fear shouldn’t have been ending up like his father but more so becoming himself. Okonkwo, son of Unoka, one of the strongest and most respected men of his society, feared of becoming an exact image of his father; therefore, embodying the values of manliness, he took on his own approach to life and how he dealt with problems in society. By adapting to his own deranged idea of masculinity he rejected everything that his father stood for; cowardice, gentleness, and laziness. Okonkwo stood for bravery, courage, hard work, and at many times, felt violence was the only answer to his solution. Okonkwo lived in a patriarchal society where males dominated, and Okonkwo often took advantage of his authority. He felt however, that he

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