Masculinity Essay

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Masculinity is a privilege that can structure society. Masculinity being the dominant gender has many advantages which are shown within Society in many different ways. Masculinised privilege can structure society because most institutions are male dominant and including other organisations. In Society we see that Masculinity is a privilege in terms of Identity within male and female relationships, Workplace, Homes and Schools. Masculinised privilege within society can be a positive impact and a negative. I will examine how Masculinity structures Society in relation to the previous points that I will elaborate on throughout the essay. Gender as a social structure affects our everyday lives (O'Barr, 2000). Masculinity as a privilege is shown in society in many different ways. However it is invisible to men as they are not aware of their privilege. It is an unearned privilege that men are born with; it is considered an invisible knapsack (Mac In tosh, 2000). Masculinity as a privilege is shown in a social context how others see Masculinised privilege and also how people respond to it. Privilege is seen in terms of who benefits from it, who gains more advantages out of it than others (Kahn, 2009). Men have many advantages than women and it is seen through society in general. Men are seen to handle more things than men, in relation to their masculinity. Men are more likely to get job applications accepted than women. Men are considered to have more power than women, physically within their strength and spiritually in regards to Patriarchy which will be discussed more later on in this essay. It is normal for men in society to be much higher in society than women as this has always been the case historically. It is also shown through media masculinised privilege, In Abeyance’s song ‘If I were a boy’ the lyrics talks about masculinised privilege in everyday life. She

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