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Alter it depending on the question but the structure of the paragraph (SEELS) still stays the same Go Frankenstein then Blade runner – linking the two Intro – Both Mary Shelly 1818 epistolary novel Fr and Ridley Scott’s dystopian neon-noir BR (director cut) explore the complex …… answer question… through the key themes of the price of playing god and creature, creator and torment Topic sentence – introduce key argument – Playing god / creature, creator and torment 1. ‘Playing God’ and the nurture of the soul * Quote: FR- “you are my creator, but I am your master, Obey!” * Techniques: Power shift, contrast * Shelley has shown that playing god can lead to your downfall -Victor not wanting Frankenstein – causing the destruction…show more content…
– creating new life 2. Creature, Creator and torment * Quote: “I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on” * Technique: Imagery and emotive language – miserable, abandoned, abortion, spurned and kicked – negative words * Victor shows lack of maternal instinct – suffering of the creature has motivated his crimes * Torment arises when people neglect their duties and attempt to escape from them rather than solve them * Context: Romanticism – emotive language, feminie view * Quote: “I want more life, fucker” * Technique: high to low shifting- showing power shift between Tyrell and Batty, Visual symbolism – chessboard, eyes gate way to soul * Wants more life and can’t do this so this is lead to him downfall, his death by batty gauging his eyes symbolically crushing his soul.- creature/ creator = death * Context: Technology advancements – IVF, Replicates – test tube babies, Do androids dream of electric sheep? – creating new life: Reaganism- technological progress – IVF- test tube babies Conclusion – go over the key arguments/key ideas and the texts – similar to the intro just summing it
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