Mary Shelly Essay

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Analysis of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. The fear of loss cans accurse if you love another person and you are afraid of losing them. It can be the fear of losing a person to death, or if you are scared of your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend leaves you. The sense of guilt accurse when a person realizes or thinks that he/she is responsible for an action there is morally wrong. (The sense of guilt can for example appear if you’re cheating with another person, when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend). Bad conscience is closely related to the sense of guilt. Bad conscience is an individually feeling if something is bad or good, based on your individually acts and thoughts. You can call it an individually morally self-assessment. Because when you have a bad conscience is it, when you are doing something that you don’t think is morally correct. For example, can you get a bad conscience if you are thinking about another person, when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. The difference of the sense of guilt and bad conscience can be explained with an example: Small children in Africa make lots of clothes, which we buy in Denmark. But the small children in Africa is not getting lots of money for doing the hard work, although we are using a lot of money on the clothes. Some people is getting very bad conscience because they think about themselves, and how good it is and how protected we are in Denmark. They got bad conscience because they are being selfish. On the other hand they got the feeling of guilt because they buy the clothes, and thus go in and “support” the children labour by buying the clothes. The conclusion must be that bad conscience is more thoughts and the sense of guilt is something you got if you are acting morally wrong. These feelings can cause loneliness and depression. In Mary Shelly’s story about Frankenstein we meet the ‘brilliant
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