Mary Shelley's Life Influence on Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley the author known for her horror novel Frankenstein. In order to write the book it took imagination and other influences in order to make it the way that it is. The influences to help the author could have been many different things. What influence did Mary Shelley's life have on the story? Mary Shelley was born in London in 1797 to intelligent parents. When Mary Shelley was 16 years old she decided to elope with a man named Percy Shelley who was a romantic poet. After a few years death had began to storm into her life, first she had a few miscarriages. Her only living child had also died and so did her half sister, and lastly Percy's first wife had died to suicide. When she went to vacation at Lord Byron's house, she and her colleagues would talk about different scientific things and the possiblitiy of reanimating the dead. There are many different influences from her life that had an effect on the story. One of the influences is the discussion about reanimating the dead, this is a major influence on the story because in the novel Dr. Victor Frankenstein decides to create a monster. Another influence that had a major part in the novel was how in Mary Shelley's life there was a lot of death. This is a major influence as well because Victor Frankenstein had also had his fair share of death within his family. Everything is influenced by something in some shape or form, and in the novel Frankenstein this was apparent because of what Mary Shelley had actually thought about and witnessed in her life. Her life influenced the story in many different ways. Although there is a straight connection from her life to the novel about reanimating the dead, and the amount of death that
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