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Mary Shelley Was a well educated women from England and traveled wither lover to Swiss Alps. Mary shelly has strong feeling toward abortion (she doesn’t like it) because many members of her family have died during birth or childhood. The weather had kept them in so they decided to say ghost stories to entertain them. Mary Shelley’s husband had written a poem about the posthumous. The posthumous was given a fire to use, like cook with it or keep your self warm and do other things with it. But the posthumous used it in the wrong way he gave it to people to fight with and burn each other with. Mary Shelley’s story Frankenstein is a bit like the posthumous but apart from the posthumous was the monster Frankenstein and that it was the modern posthumous. Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, was first published in 1818, at the time it was inappropriate for women to be writers, so it was published in secret. If she had published it under her name, the novel wouldn’t have sold and she would have been laughter for it. Mary Shelley’s life was very troubled, many of her family members unfortunately died, this is reflected in her novel, many other things in the novel also relates to her life and the times she lived in. The point of this essay is to discuss how Shelley manages to gain sympathy for Frankenstein and his creation with the story line, and how she plays with our feelings and emotions throughout the novel, therefore I chose this quote top show that this story actually has a moral to it “I imagine that you may deduce on apt moral for this my tale” this shows that to this novel there’s a didactic. after reading the novel, the reader must make up their own mind who they feel most sympathy for because it‘s not obvious who Shelley intended us to feel the most sympathy for. In my opinion Frankenstein’s creation (the monster) deserves more sympathy than Frankenstein himself.

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