Mary Seacole Essay

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Do you agree with the view that Mary Sea Cole, and not Florence Nightingale, was the real “angel of mercy” in the Crimea? I believe that the Mary Sea Cole was the real “angel of mercy” in the Crimea. She was, brave and a greater figure of inspiration for the soldiers than Florence Nightingale. Source V shows us about the involvement of Mary Sea Cole in the Crimean war. Unlike Florence Nightingale, Sea Cole was on the front line in the Crimean with her 'British Hotel' being located in the Balaclava whereas Nightingale was 'several miles' away in Scutari. This means that soldiers who were seriously injured died needlessly on the long journey to Scutari. Whereas Sea Cole was there to help soldiers on the frontline this saved a lot of soldiers from dying. With Sea Cole being to the frontline and helping the soldier it meant that all the soldiers were able to get medical care , going through the horrors of the fighting and as the source V says, “she showed courage under fire.” The fact that Mary Sea Cole was at the scene of the war and all its hardships, as highlighted in source V, also means she fulfils the term angel of mercy more than Florence Nightingale in Scutari. Mary Sea Cole’s self-motivated desire to go all the way to the Crimea and help the troops demonstrated her determination to the welfare of the soldiers, whereas Nightingale was merely acting out of duty. Source V shows positive ness about Mary Sea Cole. However, she was disapproved by Florence Nightingale of running her “British hotel” as a “bad house”. Although Mary Sea Cole sold alcohol and many other items which suggests Sea Cole was in the Crimea for ulterior motives but these claims fail to mention that she returned to the Crimea with less money than she arrived with due to the cost of the journey and buying of medical equipment for the soldiers. She learned her herbal medicines from her mother
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