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1. Roach’s perspective differs from Cable’s perspective because Roach’s essay is written in second person point of view, whereas Cable’s essay is written in the first person point of view. Roach’s essay, overall had a very positive effect on me because I found the topic of the essay very interesting. It made me question, how many people choose to be human crash-test dummies, either for fun or to make a living. 2. This essay was organized in a topical fashion. The author focused every one of his paragraphs on a specific subject. Each paragraph held a meaning for the reader to capture. I feel that the author infused both a topical and a bit of a narrative frame when telling his essay. 3. I would not consider this to be a good profile of Lawrence M. Patrick because although he is the one being interviewed, after reading the essay I cannot get a vivid description of Lawrence’s appearance in my head. I got the sense that he is old because the author stated, that he’s 79, but the author should have provided the reader with more description of his body which endured some much pain. I would have wanted to know what his body looked like after being a human crash-test dummy for fifteen years. I feel that this essay was the profile of the actual activity Lawrence did day to day. From this essay I feel that I only acquired knowledge about the actual activity of being a human crash-test dummy. So the author should have done a profile essay on the activity of being a human crash-test dummy, rather than on Mr. Patrick. 4. If I had to guess, I would think that the interview for this profile was conducted by doing a lot of research. I think that in order for Roach to explain what a human crash-test dummy actually is, she needed to research and acquire knowledge herself. I also think that after Mary had all her information gathered, she then came up with questions to ask the man

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