Mary Poppins and Peter Pan Comparison

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The stories of Mary Poppins and Peter Pan have a recurring theme of family structure. In both stories, the children are constantly tested without the parent/child relationship. In Peter Pan, the father figure is nonexistent, which plays a large role in the stories plot, as well as character development. The Lost Boys in Peter Pan do not have a father figure in their life. Because of this, their world suffers a great deal of pain and despair. Although Peter tries to convince Wendy to come to Never Land to be the mother to himself as well as the L o! st Boys. Although Wendy has no experience as a mother, she tries to do her best and mimic her own mother. On the contrary, the father figure in Mary Poppins is present, but is almost nonexistent. George Banks, the father of Jane and Michael, is a hard working banker that works six days a week and has trouble finding time for his children. He then hires a nanny to look out after his naughty children. In the process, Mary Poppins becomes the mother figure in this story. Mary Poppins participates, along with the children, in fun activities, while also being strict and on point. Michel and Jane learn a lot from their amothera figure, even though George is married to Mrs. Banks. Because both stories lack either the mother or father figure, there is no family structure for the children to grow. Because there is no family structure of any kind, the kids end up either dysfunctional or lost in their own identities. The Lost Boys from Peter Pan must learn to live in Never Land and must ! learn for themselves and Michael and Jane must learn lifeas lessons from Mary Poppins. In the end, both groups of children must learn to cope with the their lifestyles with the surrogate counter part. First the motherhood figure in peter pan is directly looked at during the text. Wendy, who supposedly is the mother figure in this story,

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