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Mary Pickford By Fatima [pic] Yesterday, Mary Pickford's latest film had debuted: Little Annie Rooney. It is a Mary Pickford Production and was released by United Artists Critics are already raving about it and giving it praises for Pickford's remarkable performance. To add to this accomplishment, Mary had also written, produced and acted in it at the same time while William Beaudine directed it. Her talents are of those men twice her age are attempting to achieve and have not even come close. The film Is about a tough girl from the streets with her own gang and She spends her days wreaking havoc around the streets. Pickford plays a twelve year old girl and critics are still amazed at how well she played her for a thirty-two year old women. “With her long, curly braids outlining ab ageless face. (Born 1893) She played child parts.” (Young) This feat is another reason as for why this film was highly successful at its debut for not only critics but the everyday film goer. Before this film had come out, Pickford had starred in a number of other films which had outlined her career. She was born April 8th, 1892 in Toronto, Canada. Most commonly known as "America's Sweetheart,” Little Mary" and "The girl with the curls”, her young looking face had attracted her many parts and has made her a pioneer of the film industry up to today!By the early 1900s, acting had become a family enterprise. Pickford, her mother and two younger siblings toured the United States by rail in third-rate companies and plays. After 6 years of unsuccessful role searching, she finally landed a supporting role in a 1907 Broadway play, The Warrens of Virginia, but after that, she was out of work again. By 1909 however, she had made the right choices and met the right people whom were taken by her charm and talent. Due to this, they started casting her in a large amount of films between

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