Mary Oliver Monologue

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ORLANDOI remember, Adam, that’s exactly why my father only left me a thousand crowns in his will. And as you know, my father commanded my brother, Oliver, to make sure that I was brought up well—and that’s where my sadness begins. Oliver keeps my brother Jaques away at school, and everyone says he’s doing extremely well there. But he keeps me at home in the country—to be precise, he keeps me stuck at home but doesn’t support me. I ask you, is this any way to treat a gentleman as nobly born as I am, to pen me in like an ox? His horses get treated better than I do—at least he feeds them and trains them properly, and spends a lot of money on trainers for them. All I’ve gained from his care is weight, which makes me as indebted to him as his animals…show more content…
| | | OLIVERGood Mr. Charles! Tell me, what’s the latest news at the new court? | 85 | | CHARLESNo news but the old news: the old Duke Senior has been banished by his younger brother, the new Duke Frederick. A few loyal lords have gone into exile with Duke Senior, and given up their lands and money to Frederick—so he’s happy enough to have them leave. | | | OLIVERCan you tell me whether Rosalind, Duke Senior’s daughter, has also been banished? | | | CHARLESOh, no. Duke Frederick’s daughter, Celia, grew up with Rosalind, and Celia loves her cousin so much that she would have either followed her into exile or died of grief. Rosalind has stayed at court, where Duke Frederick loves her like his own daughter. No two women ever loved each other like they do. | | | OLIVERWhere will the old duke live? | | | CHARLESThey say he’s already in the Forest of Arden. He has many cheerful men with him, and they live like Robin Hood and his outlaws. People say that new batches of young men flock there every day, and that they all pass the time without a care, like people did in the Golden Age. | | | OLIVERSo, are you going to wrestle before the new duke tomorrow?

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