Mary Mackillop Essay

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Mary’s Life and family On January 15, 1842 Mary Mackillop was born of Scottish parents, Alexander Mackillop and flora MacDonald in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Mary is the eldest of eight children. She was well educated by her father who spent some year studying for the priesthood in Rome. Mary started work at the age of fourteen as a clerk in Melbourne and later as a teacher in Portland. To provide for her needy family Mary took up a job as governess in 1860 at her Aunt and Uncle's place at Penola in South Australia. She was to look after their children and teach them. Already set on helping the poor whenever possible, she included the other farm children on the Cameron estate as well. Mary’s Call to Religious Life Mary worked hard to provide for her large family. She was the eldest of eight children, so she had to work at a young age. She moved to Penola to work as a governess and that is how she became a teacher. Mary’s Work with Father Julian Tenison Woods Mary MacKillop met Father Julian Tenison Woods in 1861. Fr Julian and Mary MacKillop worked together in Penola in South Australia. Fr Julian was a scientist and had worked as a missionary priest in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland. Together with Mary MacKillop they helped to educate the poor and the young. Mary MacKillop and Father Julian started the first Catholic school in Penola in1866. Father Julian Tenison Woods was given the job of Director of Catholic Education and asked Mary to help him in Adelaide to start Catholic Schools. The founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The Sister of St Joseph of the sacred heart was co-founded by Mary Mackillop and Fr Julian Tenison. Young women from all over Australia came to help Mary that how the sister of st Joseph of the sacred heart begun. Mary was asked by father Julian Tenison woods to come to Adelaide to start
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