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Mary Kay: A New Work Place for Women Excited and happy she rushes to the new place she just rented in the nicest strip mall in town. She never thought that a positive attitude and a “treat others as you want to be treated” philosophy would get her this far. Selling her own line of clothes has always been her dream. After going through many work places, where men got promotions and raises that she was qualified for, she was set out to make a better work place for others. Her goal was to treat her workers with respect and put them on the same level as her. Now a year later she is making millions per year. This story is like Mary Kay Ash’s. Both women had the same thought in mind. Ash set out to make a change for the way her workers and customers were treated, a change for the better. She also wanted to make jobs for women at a time when there weren’t many jobs for anyone. “Treat other as you wanted to be treated,” was Mary Kay’s Goal when starting her own business. Mary Kay Ash changed culture in the United States because she was the first women entrepreneur, she opened jobs for women, and opened the idea of a new business method for all people. Mary Kay was one of the first and most successful women entrepreneurs. This set a new standard for all women. She began her business with “an initial investment of $5,000 in 1963.” With the help of her son Richard Rogers and nine sales people her business climbed to almost one million dollars in the first year. “Now annual sales exceed $2.2 billion,” as said by in her biography. It’s amazing how a retired woman in her forties can take a business so far. Mary Kay also became one of the most successful women because of her positive personality. When asked to name her greatest achievement, Mary Kay Ash proudly replies, “I think the biggest legacy we are going to leave is a whole community of children who

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