Mary Anne Warren's Justification Of Abortion

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Human beings are all looked at in the same way. That being said, each individual gets to pick and choose what he or she believes in. Everybody is influenced in different ways on what they believe. Some people follow the guidelines of how to live your life based on their religious beliefs. Meanwhile, others follow the guidelines of their government. Such beliefs are generated through factors such as cultural background, family history, religious faith, past experiences, and going through school. Abortion is a topic that leads to conflicting views and arguments between people because the aspect of killing a fetus goes against people’s faith. Through extensive research and the efforts of Philip Devine, Mary Anne Warren, and Paul Wilkes, the…show more content…
According to Warren, a fetus is human but not a person. She talks about the word “human being” and how people today confuse the genetic and moral sense of the word. According to Warren, just because one is human, it doesn’t automatically make one a person. She states that a fetus is not part of the "moral community," meaning people, which would give them an equal moral right. According to Warren, “the moral community," decide if a fetus can become part of the moral community. The mother, being an actual person, overrides the rights of a potential person, the fetus. Warren continues to state that a woman, who wants to have an abortion and is not permitted to, is considered unconstitutional because her rights of freedom are being taken away. In Paul Wilkes “The Moral Dilemma of Abortion,” Wilkes rejects the claim that the embryo has a human soul as soon as conception occurs. Wilkes takes this stand and cites from modern embryology that conception doesn’t occur in an instance, but it takes place over a few days; while fertilization takes place in a matter of twenty-four hours. In addition, in the earliest days of a pregnancy, the zygote can still be subdivided, since twins can be formed on the fourteenth day. I think he is right that a soul cannot be subdivided. Human beings have a soul within them, which is powerful, eternal, and

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