Marxist Elites and Democratic Elites According to 80`S Kc Pzpr and “Solidarność” Crush.

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Marxist elites and democratic elites according to 80`s KC PZPR and “Solidarność” crush. Through the centuries men which names has been written on the pages of history had power, money and strength to develop sites that could give oportunity to create stabile, strong society. All of that people had something similar in common. Julius Cesar, Alexander The Great, Hun Atilla or Napoleon Bonaparte and every person that had their touch in building political strength of their community. Now every historician will tell that if we want to know future, we must look at the past. Evolution of society brought evolution of elites. As we look further we see that nowadays elites have a lot of similarities with elites from past centuries, but although they have a lot of differences. For first – what “elites” describes? In sociology and political termology elites is few people that can disproporinate amount of military, wealth and decisive power in region. Small class of decision-makers exist in all societies – rulers perform key political functions monopolizing their power. Nowadays democratic elites mustn`t be military, nor political born. Most of them is chosen by their involvement in reconstructing, or building new government. In democratic solution elites must be representative “everyman” – but as the higher class of country is, the more educated elites must be. In Marxist elites we can see something much different. Uberman is on the piedestal of government. AS Kim dzong un, Lenin or Stalin. Each of them came out of military forces or revolutionary way. Both are painted with blood. In example – in post soviet countries elites must have money source to build their position, but in western countries position can be build throughout the way of education. Higher the marksman is in his university, the possibility of involving him into elites are bigger. Elites in western

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