Martyn Pig Essay

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“The only way to avoid regret is to live haphazardly, love unapologetically and to risk responsibility” (Darren Bocksnick). This quote relates to the novel “Martyn Pig” by Kevin Brooks. A young boy Martyn accidentally kills his drunken father and risk telling and turning to his friend/lover Alex for help thinking he can trust her. Even thought at the end, she takes his money and moves away to pursue her career in acting leaving Martyn stuck. Martyn relates to the quote above making careless decisions after the death of his father. He risk responsibility when he doesn’t call the police and inform them of the death. In the book we see a power struggle mental, physical, and emotional power is shown between Martyn and Alex, although Alex has more power because she manipulates him in many ways, leading to his downfall. Alex has power over Martyn emotionally because of his trust for her. By thinking he can trust her, Martyn tells Alex about his father’s death and the 3000 pounds. This is a risk Martyn has taken because he didn’t know if she would do the right thing and call the police causing him to get in trouble. Trusting someone gives them power because they know everything that you have told them. Her physical attractiveness has a hold on Martyn. He described her scruffy, with straggly black hair, pretty is what he called her. This shows that he likes her. Alex attractiveness made Martyn even jealous of her boyfriend Dean. Martyn calls Dean a “pale white idiot. “ This quote shows that Martyn does not like Dean and does not like to see Dean and Alex together. Mentally, Alex has power over Martyn. Her acting and planning skills are all part of her mental power that she has over Martyn. Alex uses her acting skills to make Martyn thinks that she really likes. She even cries and kisses Martyn, mentally confusing him. Alex also uses her acting skills to play as if
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