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Marty Stewart October 21, 2014 English Composition II (ENGL 1312) Journal #1 Journal #1 After growing up in Mexico and migrating to the United States with his family in the 1980’s, Alvarez (as cited in Colombo, Cullen, & Lisle, 2013) realized the struggles his family faced as he grew up as an undocumented immigrant wanting equal opportunities for all undocumented workers, immigrants and students. From watching the struggles his father faced growing up an undocumented immigrant, Alvarez’s perception was that he was less of a human being since he was illegal and did not have equal opportunities. After entering high school, Alvarez (as cited in Colombo et al., 2013) knew some of the immigration laws that were affecting his family, but he most remembered the laws affecting his education. As a junior in high school, Alvarez (as cited in Colombo et al., 2013) specifically remembered the ones preventing him from obtaining federal or state financing to attend a four year college. In looking back at the author’s childhood as an adult, the mature Alvarez (as cited in Colombo et al., 2013) realized he did not understand the differences in being undocumented and recalls the struggles as he crossed the border from Mexico into the United States. This is evident when Alvarez (as cited in Colombo et al., 2013) says, “I just thought it was the way everyone went to the United States: walking and running for hours as quietly as possible through rough terrain.” (p. 234). This comment shows his innocence as a child who merely accompanied his parents to the United States “to be able to have a better life, a better future, in being able to realize our dreams, the American dream” (p. 233). As he entered high school, Alvarez (as cited in Colombo et al., 2013) began losing hope to enter a four year college as he realized all the obstacles that prevented him from

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