Martin Luther King's Successful Campaigns

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Martin Luther King’s successful campaigns such as the March on Washington (1963) and Selma (1965) helped to start change for the millions of black people living as second class citizens; however his campaigns did hold a few failures. For example, The Chicago Freedom Movement (1966), the poor people’s campaign (1968) and The Albany movement (1961-1962). The first thing noticeable about King’s campaigns is that they were all enforced around the same time period which could show how quickly King rose to power within the civil rights movement groups. Martin Luther King had many successes in his campaigns. For example, in 1963, King was leader of the March on Washington campaign which was designed to put pressure on the President and government…show more content…
For example, The Chicago Freedom Movement. In 1966 King aimed for to use non-violent action to challenge the segregation of education, housing and employment. The first failure was that a disappointing 30,000 people showed up instead of the expected 100,00. The second failure was that the Black citizens lost faith in the SCLC, Finally, the biggest failure was the ‘white backlash’ against greater racial equality. Another Campaign that was seen as a failure is the Albany movement (1961-62). The aim of this campaign was to simply end segregation. Local police Chief Laurie Pritchett tried to deny the movement media attention by ordering police to treat protestors with respect in public and prevent racist violence. A failure of the movement was the arrest of King, however Pritchett ordered him to be released to stop media popularity. Another failure of this was the division in the civil rights movement which made the SNCC consider violence which shows that Peaceful protests don’t always help change. In conclusion, Martin Luther King’s campaigns played a big part in the civil rights movement and making it successful. For example, the passing of the voting rights bill and Solidified support. However, His set-backs and failures did not always prove peaceful protests were a success and the campaigns would not have had the same impact without presidential support and other movement groups such as the SCLC and SNCC which may been seen as the main reason why Martin Luther King’s campaigns were a
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